A taste of Islay…

The house is in a stunning location, there’s plenty to see and do without having to go further than the back garden!

Wildlife is abundant even from the window with seals, swans, fallow and red deer all making regular appearances, for those with a keener eye and luck on their side, there might even be an otter, sea or golden eagle.

On a clear night the stars are clear with no light pollution and the full moon casts reflections right across the bay. While we very rarely see the sunset as we face South-East, we are often treated to breathtaking sunrises, particularly in the spring, autumn and winter, when the sun appears later in the morning.

With a sandy beach at the bottom of the garden, sunbathing, sand castles, snorkelling, and if you have them, kayaks can easily fill a day, the BBQ ruin is ideal for dinner at the end of a the day. For those who are more adventurous the Fairy Hill sits just behind the house, with incredible views for miles on a clear day, from the Isle of Jura in one direction to Northern Ireland in the other.


Beyond the house….

Explore the island’s spectacular beaches.

The island is rich in wildlife. Whether you’re walking, driving, taking a boat trip or on one of the two RSPB bird reserves, if you keep your eyes open you won’t be disappointed.

Take a trip with Islay Sea-Adventures, go Kayaking with Kayak Wild Islay, experience the outdoors with an overnight wild camp, or walk off the beaten track, up the Paps of Jura, to Proaig, or beyond Rhuvaal lighthouse to find deep caves, waterfalls and a stunning sandy beach. The possibilities are endless…

Don’t forget to stop at one the 7 distilleries for a dram along the way!